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Colouring Brussels

Gwen Guégan

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Edgar is a brussels fox. He has lots of friends who, like him, come out of hiding as soon as night falls, to go on a voyage of discovery of their city. But then in the dark, Brussels is colourless. Take you pencils, felt tip pens, marker pens, brushes, to discover a multitude of colours that will make the fox'swalk a merry one.

This is a coloring and activities book for children. The theme is Brussels and its eclectic architecture. When she lived in Brussels, Gwen Guégan drew many facades of houses, sometimes remarkable, sometimes simple. She had fun re-composing the city, grouping the houses regardless of their geographical location but associating them according to her whim. It is Edgar the fox, animal appearing more and more in the capital today, which will serve as a guide and take the young readers through an atypical and nocturnal walk in the empty city. He encourages them to color, draw, complete and recognize the most emblematic elements of the city as the simplest. Learning to look at the city to take ownership of it by being creative is one of the goals of this notebook. An appendix will allow the most curious or their parents to complete their knowledge on the essential architectural elements of the city crossed throughout the story and know their address to see them in real life if they wish.


Gwen Guégan


Gwen Guégan

Graduated in Visual Arts from La Cambre (Brussels) in 2001, Gwen Guégan was then trained in screen printing and engraving. She collaborated in organizing the Artists' Book Fair in Brussels for several years and worked for the Archives of the City of Brussels. Today, she lives in Brittany where she devotes herself to illustration and drawing.

date de parution : Août 2019

23 x 27 cm - Couverture souple

Édition brochée - 52 pages de coloriage et activités


ISBN: 978-2-87572-050-4

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